Great Apps and Services Powered by Forecast

Since launching Forecast, we’ve had thousands of developers sign up for our Weather API. Our goal is to provide dead-simple access to powerful weather data, and we actually use the API ourselves in Forecast and Dark Sky.

Here are some of the other great things powered by Forecast:

Check the Weather is designed from the ground up to provide fast, clear and beautiful weather data. Rather than squashing features into a crowded interface Check the Weather provides a streamlined dashboard with easy access to advanced forecast details. Simply swipe left, right or up to see more. Up to the minute accuracy and speed are baked right in.
The DuckDuckGo search engine uses the Forecast API to provide instant answers for weather searches.
Weather Line conveys your weather forecast in a completely new way that you’ll love at first sight: as a simple infographic. With hourly, daily, and even monthly forecasts, it’s built for down-to-the-minute accuracy, beauty, and clarity.
Osito is a predictive intelligence iOS app and platform that gets you the information you need to stay one step ahead every day. It learns what you need to know based on the information you provide, including your location as well as your day-to-day routine—making every day, well, just a little easier.
QuickRoute: Fast, accurate, global directions. Quick Route offers four types of directions: Biking, Walking, Transit and Driving. So if you live in Portland and love to bike, Quick Route can get you there on your bull-horned fixie. Or maybe you need to hop on the subway in New York or the tube in London; Quick Route will let you know when and where you need to be to get on your way.
Saga, the lifelogging app for everyone. Saga is the easiest way to keep track of all of your activities and gain insight about how you live your life, without ever having to check in.
Poncho is a simpler weather service with a personality. Every day, it delivers a personalized weather forecast tailored to your routine via email or text message.
Today Weather is the last weather app you’ll ever need on the iPhone and iPad. From the amazing 7-day forecast and “today” views, to hourly temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, in-app severe weather alerts, and wind speeds, Today caters to weather geeks and casual consumers alike.
WeatherCaster for iPad, when a daily temperature just won’t cut it. You’ll get severe weather alerts, interactive maps and detailed information that deepens your knowledge of the weather and how it affects your world. You can also collect, post and share your favorite photos and videos from stormy skies to beautiful sunsets.
atmosHere Weather is making weather on Android smarter. Taking Google's Card UI style and prioritizing data based on the current conditions. For example, if it's raining or snowing , you will be given a Traffic Estimate card, giving you an idea of what you to expect on your drive. By prioritizing cards based on the conditions, it makes it extremely easy to get the information you need right away.
Arcus Weather for Android uses the new API to get the most accurate, and most current weather information.
Appy Weather is a fast, smooth, and clean weather app for Windows Phone.
A web-based weather app for mobiles and tablets, Cirrus One is uniquely custom­izable—you decide what data to show, where to show it, and how it’s displayed. It’s your weather: see it your way!
Blue Skies brings Dark Sky’s hyper-local fore­casts to the Windows Phone. It sup­ports Live Tiles, bringing the weather to your home screen, and Cortana, so you can ask your phone about the weather.
Weather by AreSimple is just the weather you want, when you want it. Just tell it what kinds of weather you care about (say, “precipitation”) and when you care about (say, your kid’s soccer practice on Thursday evenings) and it will provide you with the information you care about at a glance.