Project Quicksilver

A high resolution real-time map of global temperature.

Project Quicksilver is an experimental new data product that attempts to create the world's highest resolution real-time map of global (near-surface) air temperature.

It is generated using the same source data models that power Forecast, combined with a sophisticated microclimate model that adjusts the temperatures based on the effects of elevation, terrain, proximity to water, foliage cover, and other factors.

Read more about how we create these images on our blog: [COMING SOON].


Resolution:7200x3600 (0.05deg)
Projection:Plate Carrée (centered on 0,0)
Updates:Hourly, on the hour (UTC time)
Pixels:16-bit unsigned ints, representing "centi-kelvin" (i.e., divide by 100 to get the temperature in Kelvin).

How to Download

The GeoTIFF images can be downloaded like so:

For example, the image for August 28, 2013 at 3PM UTC is:

Known Issues

Because this project is still experimental, there are a number of as-yet unresolved issues:

  • Due to the nature of our ground-station and satellite-based adjustments, temperature data over oceans has a lower effective resolution and accuracy.
  • Ocean / land boundaries contain discontinuities and inconsistencies.
  • We don't provide any warranty or guarantee of uptime / accuracy. Use at your own risk!